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Cycoll design, develop and deliver applications on different SaaS platforms. We build amazing, complex and challenging apps by using agile development methodology. We are collaborated with various entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and public bodies to turn their exciting ideas into successful and user friendly software.

Our consultants’ expertise makes them the ideal candidates to provide independent advice and guidance, no matter what stage your project is at. Our agile development team of SaaS App developers are ready to transform your ideas into a working reality. A well designed App is not only to look good but for ease of use too. We create attractive, intuitive Apps that work in any platform.

We previously designed and developed independently Software as a Service (SaaS) E-Commerce Apps and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) Apps. We build SaaS and BPaaS applications by using our proprietary technology, designed by considering security and scalability issues. We integrate and ensure the right use of technologies across all phases of systems development. All our developed applications are platform independent. As you are an end user of SaaS and BPaaS, the advantages are obvious: you gain access to a high level of functionality; you enjoy the support services of the provider; you can access the application by using any browser; and you don’t have to deal with upgrading the software as it happens automatically.

SaaS and BPaaS is generally best choice for start up or SMEs, as it offers them to use more advanced features at an affordable cost, without hosting it to the most expensive server.

If you feel that using SaaS or BPaaS could benefit your business, there is no reason why you should not try it out. The risk can be minimised by taking the right precautions, and you do not have to run your entire business with SaaS or BPaaS. It can be adopted in certain areas of your business. To discuss your requirements, talk to us; please use the contact form or call 0121 403 3019.

Our custom coftware development package starts from £3000. You can make a one off payment or pay by instalments £60 per week over 12 months contract. Click here… to set up a direct debit/standing order. Prices may vary depending on your requirements Click here… to get a quote for your project.

0121 403 3019 Sales & support hotline

Call us to discuss your requirements or to request a demo. Our dedicated team will help you find the best solution.


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